Restaurant Euniss
French Restaurant...When designing a project you work on what the client wants or desires, in this case the client wanted something fresh, something that had a feminine touch without falling back on something ordinary, something with a French feel to it, I tried to incorporate this concept and I believe that the result was very close to what my client wanted to achieve. One of the designs created so the look wouldn't be too feminine, ( because it does have a lot of feminine touches ) was to work with very modern elements, such as micro-cement, stainless steel, and vinyl decorations.Using these elements the walls are very modern and original, combined with neo-baroque accents, such as the many mirrors that are throughout the restaurant -- the fretwork has vegetable forms with a lot of movement, typical of the neo-baroque style. The truth is that I was lucky because the owner, Eunice, didn't put a stop to anything that we did with this project. Actually, her obsession was to make a reality out of the project that was planned originally, and we've work with that premise"

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