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Small Penthouse in Valencia (Spain)- in process

I've choosen a neutral palette for the whole place. I high gloss white lacquered furniture with a nice choice of natural wood elements rich in texture. When all the other furniture is the same shade or tone I like to add one highly contrasting piece to bring dramatic impact to the design of the room . The contrast in texture will add interest and dimension to your room . You don’t have to have matching furniture but follow the same rule as above – pick complementary pieces that use the same shade, tone, or wood grain.#Interior #design by Ari Signes Designs - Ari Signes #designingemotion #designingemotion #home #ethnicstyle #whiteonwhite

I truly believe diversity is always a source of enrichment and inspiration in all ways possible. In my works I often mix a variety of elements in design and that certain 'E c l e c t i c essence' is a signature of my style .

Natural chic ....Penthouse in Valencia (Spain)